Trainer: Angelo Dundee Greatest Trainer Ever
July 21, 2011 Boxing News

Angelo Dundee worked the corner of Muhammad Ali from 1960 to 1981. Some say he’s the greatest trainer ever, Dundee also worked with 15 world boxing champions, including Sugar Ray Leonard, José Nápoles, George Foreman, Jimmy Ellis, Carmen Basilio, Luis Rodriguez and Willie Pastrano.

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  1. Bruce Trampler

    They don’t come any better than Angelo Dundee, inside or outside the ring. If my son had wanted to be a boxer and was good enough to turn pro, I would have begged Angelo to work with him. Money can’t buy Angelo’s talent or his friendship. Like thousands of others, I absolutely love and respect this great man.

    Bruce Trampler
    Top Rank, Inc

  2. I have to agree with Vinnie Curto who stated that Mr. Angelo `Dundee is “The Greatest Trainer“ in the Sport of Boxing.

    I was once a young boy confined to a steel leg brace and Doctor`s told my parent`s that I would never play sports, just hope that I would walk one day without braces and crutches.

    As years passed and I finally began a rather long and successful amature boxing career which included qualifying for 3 Olympic Teams for Canada, I stated that I would one day fight for the World Title with the Legendary, Angelo Dundee in my corner.
    Despite everyone`s negativity, I met with Mr. Dundee through my longtime fellow boxing friend, Sugar Ray Leonard at the press conferance for his bout with Roberto Duran @ the Olympic Stadium in Montreal where Ray and I both marched into several years earlier for the “Opening Ceremonies“ of the 76` Olympic Games.

    We scheduled a meeting the next day and after arriving in Miami for a two week try-out, I returned home a year later addressing Mr. Dundee as “Uncle Angelo“.
    We hit it off instantly and I have to agree with many other`s when I say that “Yes“, in my opinion, “My Uncle Angelo“ has proven throughout the years that he is worthy of being classified as “The Best Trainer“ in the world….for as is the case with a Champion Athlete, there are many links to the chain to be successful and so it is true to be a Champion Trainer as well. My Uncle Angelo could play mind games with his boxer`s as well as opponents & officials, he was an excellent cut man and in fact saved me from a loss on more than one occasion and perhaps most importantly, he cared for his fighter`s and always treated everyone with respect.
    He was fortunate to have his partner and beloved wife, Helen for many years as she was a lovely lady who also was loved by all who had the pleasure of knowing her.


    Ian Clyde

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