Trainer: If Sergio Martinez Goes Up In Weight He’d Fight Lucian Bute
August 21, 2011 Boxing News

Boxing trainers Russ Anber and Pablo Sarmiento talk to EsNewsReporting about boxing fans in Canada, the state of boxing stars who are scared to put their records on the line and more.

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  1. Boxers their physique changes when they age. You eat more, so you grow. Most boxers keeps fighting in the same weight until he retires. Then one have to sacrifice food deprivation to loose those weight. Thats when they say the real fight is in the weighing scale. And others goes for the easiest approach steroids (Joan Guzman). And boxers are afraid to venture up the scales. Its a myth that you’ll gonna loose your power and speed. It just takes special athletes to retain such speed and power. We are now in the modern world. modern sports science and physical education.

    Sergio Martinez has been a 147, with his age he has to move up. A boxer cannot force himself (like Shane Mosley) just because the money fights are below their weights. Look at Paul Williams. He wants to use his built to bully smaller boxers. Its also a matter of question if your good enough in the higher weights. The same thing with Sergio Martinez. He may have beaten Kelly Pavlik, how about the rest. Its not easy if its not your comfort zone until your fully adjusted.

  2. Sergio vs Bute would be a fantastic fight. Sergio is too big to be picking on manny and floyd (although my money would still be on manny to beat sergio even if he fought him now at 147). If Sergio really wants to make himself great, going up to fight Bute would be his ticket.

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