Trash Talking At Cotto-Mayorga Press Conference
March 7, 2011 Boxing News

EsNewsReporting can tell you that there’s some trashing talking going on at the Miguel Cotto and Ricardo Mayorga Press Conference in Los Angeles. Mayorga tells Cotto that once he’s done with him, he will leave the ring in a stretcher. Mayorga also says  he better watch out and not take a knee like he  did when fought against Antonio Margarito in 2008.  It was a bloody fight that ended in the 11th round, with Margarito walking away the new champ.

Cotto responded by calling Mayorga an idiot.

Stay tuned to EsNewsReporting for video.

Ricardo Mayorga

Cotto -Mayorga Press Conference

Cotto-Mayorga Press ConferenceRicardo Mayorga

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