UFC Fighter Suspended For Steroid Use: Dana White Mad At Floyd
June 12, 2011 Boxing News

The California State Athletic Commission says UFC fighter Chael Sonnen tested positive for steroids, prior to his bout against Anderson Silva last August. Now Sonnen is suspended and Dana White is mad at the fact that Floyd Mayweather has not been suspended for his troubles.

Also in a recent interview, Dana White blasts Bob Arum, Gary Shaw and Al Bernstein, this in response to a video of where the boxing insiders said they didn’t believe that the purchase of Strikeforce by UFC was a good move – for the fighters and the sport of MMA.



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  1. he mad @ floyd for pulling the curtain & placing the spotlight on athletes who thought they could get away with illegal enhancements.
    Hayweather with his extensive experience, knows the ins and outs of boxing and sees a lot of things no one else sees.
    so yea dana is angry that his love (chael) will not be around to kiss his ass for peanuts as payments for getting his ass whooped by silva with the cracked rib.

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