Update Breaking News: Cotto vs Margarito NYSAC – We Want Margarito To See Our Doctor

Update: Margarito will have his eye checked out by NYSAC Dr. NYSAC has to pick the Dr.

Margarito rep wants Dr. to come see him and not break his camp for this.

Top ranbk will fly the Dr, NYSAC is asking for a first class ticket. Both sides seem to agree that they will meet half way NY to Mexico.


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The NYSAC are meeting right now to talk about Antonio Margarito’s fighting license for his December 3rd fight against Miguel Cotto.

Here’s a link to watch it live –


They want Margarito to see their doctor so he can check out his eye. Hand wraps are  not an issue.

Antonio Margarito with Robert Garcia will he fight Cotto in NY?

The NYSAC tell Margarito’s folks that they have one hour to ask Margarito what he thinks of being checked by their doctor.

NYSAC tells Margarito’s representative that Margarito will have to come to New York to be see their doctor.

The meeting will resume in one hour or less.

Margarito is in Mexico training with Robert Garcia getting ready for Miguel Cotto on December 3rd. We now have to hear what Margarito has to say about the NYSAC request.

If the fight does not take place in NY it may head to Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Texas.