USA Boxing Suspended For 3 Months

This has not been a good year for USA Boxing first the epic fail at the 2012 Olympics and now this.

USA Boxing has been suspended for 3 months.

Leaving thousands of young fighters with no fights and this is not the fighters fault.

USA Boxing refused to move Hal Adonis from their board despite very controversial comments he made about child abuse.

Adonis made the comments in an interview with the New Yorker. Saying things like: ‘Half of our girls have been molested’ and that if a child was not abused he should not be in boxing.

As a result of the comments the International Amateur Boxing Association ordered USA Boxing to drop Adonis but USA Boxing kept his as a board member. So AIBA placed the suspension.

AIBA also had this to say: “By failing to remove Mr Adonis from the USA Boxing board of directors when it had the chance to do so, USA Boxing, in essence, endorsed Mr Adonis’s statements and sent out a message that such behaviour was acceptable.”

The suspension does not hurt USA Boxing but it hurts all the fighters who work 24-7 to become better fighters and now can’t fight for three months.

Many trainers and fighters have send messages to EsNews expressing anger with USA Boxing with the way the handeled this situation.