USFL – United States Football League Is Back Spring 2013



 San Diego CA (February 27, 2012)—The United States Football League (USFL) is planning to field eight teams in targeted United States markets for its inaugural season in the Spring of 2013, it was announced today by USFL President Jaime Cuadra.

Cuadra also announced the appointments of former NFL executive Jim Steeg and sports consultant Terrell Jones to the USFL Board of Advisors.

The USFL will provide players not drafted by the NFL or that have been released from NFL teams an opportunity to play high caliber professional outdoor football beginning in March of 2013 and concluding with the championship game in June.

“Our vision is to create a league that allows highly skilled athletes in need of either skill refinement or exposure to make the jump to the next level,” said Cuadra. “The League will operate under what is referred to as a single entity structure. This structure has worked successfully for Major League Soccer (MLS) for nearly 20 years. Each team owner will be a member operator of the League.

“We are students of history. We will not compete with the NFL and our games will be played during their off-season. We are convinced that by heeding these lessons we can operate the League in a fiscally responsible manner while simultaneously bringing the fan a quality product. Moreover, we believe this approach will ensure the very sustainability of the League which is of the greatest importance to our fans and to our owners and investors.”

Cuadra expects the player pool to be very significant, considering there are over 1,100 players annually that are dropped from rosters each year. With the folding of NFL Europe, the USFL will be relevant for NFL caliber athletes to develop and play to demonstrate their skills in hopes of advancing.

The USFL intends to create a working relationship with the NFL by allowing access to players and personnel. This relationship will be one of respect and collaboration, but the USFL will operate independently with focus on developing its players and creating the best fan experience possible.

The League will also concentrate on preparing players for life after playing football by providing mentorship and counsel to expand the athlete’s awareness to opportunities inside and especially outside of football. Additionally, the League wishes to enhance the fan experience currently available to football fans by providing greater access to its players and employing technology to enhance the viewing experience for our fans as well.

Jim Steeg is a 35-year veteran as an executive in the NFL at both the club and league level. Steeg is the former COO of the San Diego Chargers, where he worked for five years. Prior to joining the Chargers, Steeg was instrumental in the growth of the NFL’s Super Bowl, having worked for the NFL for a period of 26 years, where he was Senior Vice-President of Special Events.

Terrell Jones, CEO and founder of TJones Group, LLC, has been involved in professional sports as a coach and consultant for over 16 years. Jones has worked with the NFL, MLB and the NHL. He has successfully negotiated endorsement deals for his clients as well as sponsorship deals with major corporations.

Steeg’s first priority will be to identify candidates to round out the Board of Advisors. Once this task is completed the focus will shift to identifying candidates and selecting a person to serve as the commissioner for the League. The USFL Advisory Board will be responsible for guiding and advising USFL management on various areas of operation of the League.

About The United States Football League:

The United States Football League, LLC, a Delaware LLC, currently headquartered in San Diego, California is a Professional Spring Outdoor Football League. The League plans to provide high caliber professional outdoor football in the Spring. The USFL vision is to help develop players and get them ready to play at a higher level while providing fans with an exciting and innovative brand of football during the Spring.