Vic Darchinyan Excited About Possibility of Donaire Fight

With the rumor of Nonito Donaire giving Vic Darchinyan a rematch, things are starting to heat up as the stock of the potential of this fight is on the rise.

“Losing my first fight to Nonito was a shock to everyone including me. It’s a loss I badly want to avenge. I know he’s planning a return I’m here, ready and willing. I want to finally get my revenge,” said Darchinyan in a recent interview.

What can I say; it was as much of a shock to me as it was to Darchinyan on the night when Donaire dominated Vic. From that moment on I knew that Donaire was not a fluke, not a one time wonder, but instead a future champion here to stay.

Now that Doanire has fallen to another future champion Rigondeaux, the chance at revenge is closer than ever for Vic, but achieving that feat is unlikely if you ask me.

While Donaire has greatly improved over the years, Darchinyan stayed the same, or possibly even declined. The paycheck will be a healthy one for both, but I think it would be wise for team Darchinyan to come up with a game-plan that involves surviving for as long as possible. If they aim to challenge Donaire in the middle of the ring and fight toe-to-toe, Darchinyan will once again hit the canvas, only this time much sooner than the last.


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