Vic Darchinyan to Nonito Donaire: “I created you, and I will break you.”

“No matter what excuses you make about your weight, I am still planning on beating you. Do not use steroids, think about your future and your weight will be fine. I remind you that I created you, and I will break you. It has been six years since I started to ask for a rematch,” stated Vic Darchinyan in a recent interview after learning that Nonito Donaire might not want to face him in a rematch.

What made Nonito Donaire were his physical abilities and boxing skills, which in turn was too much for Darchinyan to handle. Of course Darchinyan believes that his loss to Donaire was a fluke, but so do many other fighters who suffer such a loss.

In a rematch with Donaire, if it were to take place, the result of the bout would be no different form the first one, with Doanire dominating the fight until Darchinyan is once again on the canvas struggling to continue.

Maybe it is a good thing for Darchinyan that the fight might not happen, at least this way he can potentially continue his career with more victories.


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