Vic Darchinyan to Nonito Donaire: “Let’s fight!”

Vic Darchinyan will simply not let off, and will say anything to try and lure Nonito Donaire into a rematch. Can you blame him? Getting a rematch against Nonito now, would be a huge fight for Darchinyan, and will offer him a much bigger chance and a fatter payday than Nonitno got when they fought the first time.

“Nonito Donaire has shown that he will not give me a rematch and has selected to fight Guillermo Rigondeaux on April 13. I don’t think that fight will happen. I scored a good win over former unbeaten Luis Del Valle in my last fight and I will do the same to Donaire. Fight fans around the world ask me on a regular basis ‘when is Donaire going to fight you again?’ Nonito got lucky in 2007 but it would be a different result in 2013. Prove me you are not scared of me. I fought Donaire nearly 6 years ago and since then I want a rematch to prove everyone that he got really lucky. After I became undisputed world champion I told him ‘Let’s fight!’ and the answer was ‘I have already beaten you, why do I have to fight you?’ Three major belts are not enough to fight? He is scared of me that’s why! It looks like he can’t decide who he’s scared of more. Me or Rigo! Let’s fight and prove to me you aren’t chicken! I have no problem to take VADA drug testing,” stated Darchinyan in a recent interview with Fightnews.

Truthfully, I always hoped that the two would fight again. Darchinyan has a very unique style, and could have potentially given Donaire more trouble than others. But by now, Darchinyan has probably lost a certain degree of his former attributes, and I think that at this point, the fight wouldn’t even be competitive.

On the other hand, it would be a very well paid tune-up fight for Donaire, if he ever needs a filler fight that is. Darchinyan can hype up the fight real well, and just that alone would generate a lot of interest from general boxing fans.

Do you think that this fight will ever happen?

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