Victor Ortiz Completed The Los Angeles Marathon In Good Time

Top rated former Welterweight Champion of the World, Vicious Victor  Ortiz, 25, Ventura, California, completed the Los Angeles Marathon today running  a personal best 3 hours 27 minutes and finishing in the top third of an  estimated 30,000 starters.
Ortiz is scheduled to fight former Welterweight Champion Andre  Berto whose only career loss was to Ortiz last April in a battle that  earned 2011 Fight of the Year honors.
The rematch will take place June 23 and will be seen live on  Showtime Championship Boxing throughout the world.
“It was such great fun running with all these world class  marathoners,” Ortiz exclaimed.  “I know that made me run better than  ever.”
“In many way it couldn’t be any more different that boxing.  I  mean nobody is punching you in the nose, the gut, the kidneys and on the chin  and up the side of your head,” Ortiz explained.
“But in other ways doing this very much relates to boxing.   Conditioning the lungs, the legs and building endurance.  That’s why  all fighters do road work.  But 26-plus miles is something  else.”
“I won’t say going 12/3 minute championship rounds is  easy   Anything but.  But Berto must know how prepared I’ll be  when he hears I ran this well three months before our fight. I’m very  happy.”
“Ortiz’ colorful manager and attorney Rolando Arellano,  also a physical fitness advocate, pointed out that “Victor would  have finished even faster if he didn’t lay back with me during the  early miles.  I hurt my knee and will need some surgery. When I  insisted go get it and don’t worry about me, he took off like he had  rockets in his shoes.”
“My guy also competes in Iron Man competitions.   Running, biking and swimming.
This is what he does for fun. And his house faces the Pacific so  he’s an expert surfer also,” Arellano said proudly.”
Ortiz had the final word.  “Rolando is a bull dog.  He  finished the marathon hurt knee and all…in eight hours.”