Ortiz on Fighting Rios: He’s a Lightweight, I’m an Elite Fighter

Victor Ortiz is getting ready to face p4p King Floyd Mayweather, in a fight that will take place September 17th in Las Vegas. In this video Ortiz talks about fighting Brandon Rios.

“He’s a lightweight. He doesn’t belong in my class of fighters. I’m the elite fighter . He’s a made champion. He’s fought all of the right fights to get to where he’s at, undefeated for a reason because they took care of him and groomed him,” said Ortiz

Ortiz then went on to say that he’s fought the best fighters out there. “I’ve fought the hard hitters. I fought the unknown of them. I went in against undefeated fighters that are very well known and are great fighters,” said Ortiz.

“The day Rios proves himself, I’ll give him a chance, I’ll give him a shot. Until then it’s nothing but… waste of air for me,” Ortiz added.