Victor Ortiz Wants To Team Up With Freddie Roach

Mostly everyone has heard of the saying: easy come, easy go. For Freddie Roach and his boxing clients, exactly that seems to be happening, except in reverse.

Over the past few weeks, Amir Khan has been talking about leaving Freddie Roach and moving on to another trainer. Just recently Khan actually acted on his word, and made it official, asking Andre Ward’s coach Virgil Hunter to take over.

According to, just after Khan made his way out, another well known fighter approach Roach for help. This fighter has had some back luck in his recent fights, and is looking to Roach’s expertise to help revive his career, just like Khan left Roach to try and revive his.

Victor Ortiz seems to want to join team Roach, and according to the article, Roach is willing to talk: “Roach says he will meet with Ortiz once the former welterweight titleholder recovers from the broken jaw he suffered against Lopez.”

I am curious to see what apparent changes Freddie can make to Ortiz’s game. Victor is not a bad fighter, and is definitely capable of bouncing back and winning a title. For that a few things need to happen: a series of handpicked opponents, a vigorous training regime with Roach, and last but not least a boost in self esteem. I think it is a great idea, and I hope the two can make it work.