Victor Ortiz In Training Camp For Mayweather
August 31, 2011 Boxing News

Victor Ortiz is in training camp, getting ready for his mega war against Floyd Mayweather, taking place September 17th in Las Vegas. Check out this EsNewsReporting video of Ortiz working the mitts with his trainer Danny Garcia.

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  1. @Manolo: Unless you’ve been a pro boxer or been in the ring with one, you don’t know what you’re talking about. He’s a lot faster than you think. Ortiz does look beastly. His upper body build is that of a heavyweight. Look at the size of his lats and delts. Hopefully he can transfer his power and weight advantage to lean on and grind down Floyd. I give the speed advantage to Floyd, but like I said, Ortiz is definitely not slow. He’s a lot faster than you think.

  2. I would like Victor to win but he looks kind of slow in this video. Getting a little worried now.

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