Video: Amir Khan: Mayweather Has Agreed To Fight Me

Boxing champion Amir Khan talks to Sky Sports about Floyd Mayweather. Khan will be back in the ring Dec 10th in Washington DC to face local hero Lamont Peterson.

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3 Responses to “Video: Amir Khan: Mayweather Has Agreed To Fight Me”

  1. henrythehook says:

    Roger did,nt have a lot to say in this vid but what he always says turns out to be true– he,s gonna get his ass beat lol and again he was right. Roger was a great champion 1 of my all time favorites he always came to fight and win and always faught his heart out ,boxers of today should be glad he,s not young anymore because he would be kicking a lot of ass no doubt about that.The thing with Roger is he understands that boxing is a sport of science and When Floyd fights it,s evident Roger passed down his vast knowledge of the science the mechanics of boxing .Its always a treat for me to see Roger on these vids he,s one of the very few people in boxing who is truly an expert in the science and history of this great sport.Viva Roger

  2. Alejandro Garcia says:

    This is ridiculous… I can’t stand how fighters and the media believe that Floyd is putting a bad image on the sport. Yes, he does act a little over the top at times but guess what, he is the sole reason why boxing is relevant these days. Why is Manny Pacquiao so “great”? It is because people believe that he is the guy to beat Floyd Mayweather. Same thing with Khan and Martinez, they wouldn’t be in the talks of the boxing world without Mayweather. The reason why these guys are so popular is because people believe that they can beat Mayweather. I personally believe that Mayweather beats Pacquiao and Khan at 147 and Sergio at 154 if he comes down but you never know he might loose that is always a possibility against these fighters which are all good fighters not taking anything away from them. The only thing I’m saying is that I truly believe that if any of these guys does beat Floyd, it will be bad for boxing. People follow boxing these days because of Floyd, either to see his remarkable skill or to see him loose. If you take that factor out of boxing, it will not be as popular as it currently is. None of these guys bring excitement, controversy, and self-marketing to the sport like Floyd does. If Floyd isn’t the center of the sport like he is right now, the sport will suffer a great blow

  3. Ryan Arce says:

    How can you not believe Floyd gives boxing a bad image?? He gives humans a bad image. That dummy burns money… REALLY? Yea, great role model. I’m one of the biggest boxing fans I know and i’m definitely not denying his skillset. but he’s ignorant. I absolutely do not watch boxing because of him. Manny Pacquiao is a great person on the other hand, and a man of God. P.S. Pacman agreed several times to Mayweathers drug test demands. So they won’t fight why?? right. But he’ll fight Khan?

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