Video: Pacquiao Hater Sparring
January 4, 2012 Boxing News

You’ve seen him in videos talking lots of mess now see him in the ring.

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  1. elie no joke what do they teach this guys in this retarded gym fatso vs steroids ,fatso has a big ass mouth but he cant even move hahaha,u say his a former golden gloves ?my asss .

    note hey fatso just stop making a fool out of urself ans stop talking black lol cus u sound pretty dumb ,all those guys dont know shit of boxing they go based on every boxers last performance pretty sad

  2. Gordito looks pretty good, at least as far as defense and punching technique. But sparring and dominating a goofy buff guy is no big feat. This muscle head obviously punches like a little girl, has no gas, and NO chin. This round goes to the big guy:)

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