Vitali Klitschko and Manuel Charr Both Disappointed

Beating Charr was in Vitali Klitschko’s plans, but not this way, not via a TKO due to a cut that Charr had suffered early in the fight.

“I am happy to have defended my title, but unfortunately not the way I would have preferred. Of course I have a very good understand about a fight ending in such a fashion. The doctor had decided to stop the fight, only due to the concern for the health of the boxers. I understand Charr’s disappointment. He wanted to continue fighting, as I did too, but there are rules, and all sportsmen must obey those rules,” stated Klitschko at the post fight press conference.

Yes, for the older Klitschko, time is most certainly of essence, and winning this fight in such an uninteresting way, only does damage to his plan to retire soon, possibly after his next big fight.

Neither Charr nor Klitschko were able to show what they had planned in their fight, leaving the fans as well as themselves without a concrete result.

At this point, Vitali is likely looking to fight his last blockbuster fight and then call it quits. After all, he is getting more and more involved in politics, and it’s only a matter of time before they swallow him whole.

So who will be the next big fight for Vitali?