Vitali Klitschko On David Haye: “He is a liar. I don’t want to talk about him anymore.”
December 4, 2012 Boxing History

I believe that Vitali Klitschko is done with the idea of facing David Haye, and doesn’t want to talk about him anymore:

“It is not a secret to anyone, that I am not a young boxer anymore. I am already 41, and am currently the oldest active champion of the world. I am still full of energy; I have good reaction, technique, and great experience. But I can’t box forever. I will retire from boxing soon, but cannot point out a specific date yet,” stated Klitschko.

When asked about Haye, Vitali replied:

“Haye doesn’t want the fight. He is a liar. We sent him a contract for the fight in Moscow, and he preferred Chisora. Now after that fight he is trying to sell himself. He says that he wants to fight me, but that’s not a fact. He had a few chances to fight me, but never accepted the contract. I don’t want to talk about him anymore.”

Good for Vitali, as this has gone long enough. The back and fourth talks have been going on for too long, and by this time, it seems as though Haye is playing some weird game. In any case, Haye certainly doesn’t deserve that fight, and I think that there are other fights that he should be aiming for, maybe try Povetkin.

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