Vitali Klitschko States He Feels Good, And Will Make A Statement Soon

With Bermane Stiverne’s recent victory over Chris Arreola, Vitali Klitschko’s next move has been coming up a lot on various boxing forums. Some people are suggesting that Vitali will face Stiverne as his farewell fight, while others suggest that he might want to stick around boxing for a little while longer

Ever since Vitali hinted the possibility of his impending retirement, boxing fans have assumed that he is ready to leave the sport right then.

“In the next few weeks I will officially address any issues. Many of my fans are awaiting my decision. Just a little while ago, after some things that I may have said, people made an elephant out of a fly. I first have to decide whether I will resume my career, and if so, I will decide when and where. Time is passing by, but until recently I had no one to defend my title against. I am in a great physical shape and am feeling great. Every morning at 7am I arrive at the gym and spend one hour exercising. By 9am I am already at the office. And this I do 6 days a week. I can say one thing: Boxing will forever be in my heart and until now nobody can beat me,” stated Vitali.

Vitali has a very mysterious character, and rarely stated anything solid until the very last minute. Truth be told, I don’t see him retiring anytime soon, as not only is he making a ton  of money, but is doing so with ease. His opponents don’t seem to be giving him the run for his money, and in Stiverne’s case, everything will be the same, with Vitali dominating the fight suing his size and experience.


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