Vitali Klitschko Talks About Retirement And David Haye: “I know that Haye is in the jungle. This is just the right place for him.”

Will Vitali Klitschko retire, or stay active and fight again?

This question has been asked too many times within the past couple of months, however there is no word from the Ukrainian champion as of yet. Many people want Vitali to let the belt go and give other younger champions a chance. Some think that his mechanical fighting style is boring and is dragging down the heavyweight division. Others believe that Vitali is just what boxing needs: an impressive anomaly. Being a politician and a world boxing champion at his age is something completely new to the world, and many people marvel at such accomplishments.

To phrase it better, I will put it this way: Vitali Klitschko is a PhD doctor, a politician, a promoter, an entrepreneur, a creator of various successful charities, and amongst all that we boxing fans get to see this person dominate all of his opponents in the heavyweight division.

“There are two options: either I will continue my career, or I will say “enough.” I will give a clear answer after the 17th of December, when the new parliament will be formed in Ukraine. Maybe I will concentrate on my next fight, and maybe I’ll focus on my political activity. In any case, the boxing will always be in my heart,” stated Vitali Klitschko.

In my opinion, we are going to see Vitali fight again. Politics is clearly an important part of his life, but boxing is the root of it all. Before becoming a politician, he spent a very long time and put in an endless amount of effort to become a world boxing champion. It took even longer because Vitali wanted to be a title holder at the same time as his younger brother Wladimir. From there, it all went in various directions: politics, promotions, and charities. There is a book about both brothers, and a very interesting documentary as well. All those things were achieved because Vitali is a famous heavyweight boxing champion.

Boxing will always win in his decisions when it’s boxing versus some other outlet in his life, and the only time he will say goodbye to the sport is when he either loses or realizes that he is too old to fight.

Vitali also said a few things about David Haye, who is currently a part of a British reality show titled I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here.”

I know that Haye is in the jungle, because he is participates in the reality show. This is just the right place for him; maybe he should train there,” stated Vitali.


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