Vitali’s Wife and Trainer Expect Another Fight

After Vitali’s recent victory over Manuel Charr, there were rumors circling around that Vitali was considering retiring. Of course most would not want Vitali to end his career with such a lackluster victory, but instead bow out with something a bit more explosive.
Well don’t you worry, because according to a report on GorodokBoxing, Vitali’s trainer and his wife Natali, the Ukainian is not yet done with boxing, and there will still be another fight to add to his resume.

“Charr had a very bad cut, blood was covering his eyes and he was unable to see Vitali’s punches. With this, due to the volume of blood, I had decided that there is damage to his vein, thus it was safer to stop the fight,” said the ringside doctor Stefan Holthusen.

“I was a little bit disappointed, because I wanted to win via a real KO, and not a technical one. Charr and I were ready to continue fighting, but the doctor had made a completely different decision. There are serious challenges in front of me, and not only in sport. I am leaving for Kiev and will completely submerge myself in preparation for the parliament election, which take place in October. I am already 41 years old, and am still boxing. But it is impossible to trick nature. Soon I will be forced to hang my gloves on a nail,” stated Vitali Klitschko.

His dedication to politics as well as boxing is mind-blowing. Just like Manny Pacquiao, he is in constant effort to not only perform for his fans, but also for his countrymen. Of course for me, a boxing fan, the sport takes priority, and I hope that he end his career with a knockout!

“I hoped that this would be his final fight, but something inside me tell me that there is more to come,” said Natali, Vitali’s wife.

“I am sure, that there will be another fight,” stated Vitali’s 65-year old trainer.