Vlad Hrunov: “Povetkin Is Not Yet Ready For a Contract Against Klitschko”

It looks as though the Klitschko vs. Povetkin fire has died down, as Alexander Povetkin’s manager Vlad Hrunov has formally agreed with Klitschko’s manager Bernd Boente that there is no need to chase any signatures just yet.

“I totally agree with Bernd Boente, who has stated that should not sign any contracts for a future fight, when there are still other fights before that. On May 4th, Wladimir will fight Francesco Pianeta, and Povetkin might also step into the ring in that month. We have to respect our opponents which are being fought with next. That’s why Povetkin is not yet ready for a contract against Klitschko,” stated Hrunov.

Most of the time, things are done in the opposite fashion: a fighter and his management try to talk their way into making a fight happen. In this case, after all the heat has subsided, both sides seem to be very relaxed and partial to the fight.

I wonder what happened?

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