Vyacheslav Senchenko Is Sorry That He Had To Be The One To Send Hatton Into Ricky Retirement

“For me it is a little bit sad that I ended up being the fighter who forced Ricky Hatton to leave boxing for good. But it is his own decision. Ricky knows better than all of us, how he himself feels. I think that he is still a pretty solid guy and he showed, that he is still a formidable opponent with a big heart. But if he made the decision, we must all respect it. Hatton has always been a tough competitor, and will be remembered as a great warrior without a doubt,” said Vyacheslav Senchenko in a recent interview.

All fighters lose, and all champions fall sooner or later. Senchenko sent Hatton into retirement, and at the same time, maybe, it sent a messege to Hatton and his team that they are indeed done. What if the fight was close, would Hatton see that as a reason to give it another go? Possibly have a rematch?

The way I see it, is if Hatton had come out and dominated Senchenko, he would be ready to move forward, but anything else, even a close decision victory, would mean it is time to hang up the gloves and call it quits.

I am assuming we will be hearing something from Hatton or his representatives on what Ricky is planning for his future. It could be heavier promotional involvement, training, or who knows, maybe even acting. While the door to boxing has closed shut, there are still plenty open for the former British boxing sensation.


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