Vyacheslav Senchenko vs Paulie Malignaggi Rd By Rd

Vyacheslav Senchenko vs Paulie Malignaggi 

Rd 1  both fighters feeling eachother out rd 1 to paulie more active

Rd 2 Paulie putting in the work  Senchenko is cut – rd 2 goes to paulie

Rd 3 Paulie more active lands more shots gets rd 3

Rd 4 Maligaggi still in control gets rd 4

Rd 5 Pauli Slips this was a good rd for Senchenko gets rd 5

Rd 6 Senchenko trying to bring the fight. Had a good rd gets rd 6.

Rd 7 Paulie landing good shots. Senchenko face marked out. Cut still bothers Senchenko. Rd to Paulie.

Rd 8 Senchenko’s tape keeps ripping off. second time in fight (rd 5 also happened) to tape up gloves. his face seems damaged as well. Paulie’s right hand doing the work. Rd goes to Malignaggi.

 Rd 9 fights ends paulie wins! ref stops fight