Ward Beats Dawson Stops Him in 10

EsNews will do a rd by rd report of the ward vs dawson fight.

Both fighters in the ring.

R1 fans yelling sog, both fighters wwalking around the ring. Dawson looks taller. both fighters tied up. Ward goes for body dawson lands right hook. Both fighters hug again. Rd goes to Dawson.

Rd 2 Ward lands a punch. Dawson lands a right hook. Both fighters hug. DAWSON LANDS A SHOT AND HUGS WARD. Dawson landing more shots. Rd 2 to Ward.

Rd 3 ward lands two jabs. ward moving forwards. uppercut by dawson. ward has dawson in headlock lands one. ward lands a left hook. ward landed a left hook on dawson. dawson goes down. dawson back up great fight. rd to ward.

Rd 4 ward drops dawson again. dawson back up. fans on their feet. ward all over dawson. fans yelling sog. rd to ward

Rd 5 ward kicks into gear. dawson trying to make something happen. ward moving in. fans yelling SOG. dawson lands a few shots. ward is having fun out there lands a few jabs. big punch by ward to end rd. rd to ward

Rd 6 ward going to work lands shot after shot. rd to ward. rd to ward

Rd 7 ward going in. ward lands a punch. dawson moving in. dawson lands one. ward lands another one. rd to ward

Rd 8 ward lands a good one. ward keep putting in the work. dawson trying not to get hit. there is a fight in the stands. ward lands a big one dawson is bleeding. rd to ward.

Rd 9 dawson trying to make something happen. ward lands big shots. dawson trying to survive. ward lands some big shots. rd 9 ends goes to ward.

Rd 10 ward lands a punch. dawson trying once again to make something happen. dawson takes a knee. ward wins