What Does Alvarez have That Mayweather Jr. Should Be Wary Of?
September 4, 2013 Boxing History

Now that Mayweather Jr. and Alvarez are getting ready to step inside the ring in just 10 days, boxing fans are beginning to make their predictions. As usual, Mayweather Jr. has an entire army of boxing fans praying that he finally lose.

Some are predicting Alvarez to win by a UD, while others suggest that a knockout is coming Floyd’s way. I thought about both fighters, and while Canelo has been dominating his own competition, I don’t see the reasoning behind proclaiming Mayweather Jr. a loser in their upcoming bout.

What does Alvarez have that Mayweather Jr. should be wary of?

For one he is a young well trained champion, with real dedication to the sport. I like watching him fight, and can certainly see that he is here to stay and make waves in the sport of boxing.

Still, he is simply too inexperienced inside the ring to outsmart or bait Mayweather Jr. Will this be another one of those fights where Floyd dominates his opponent and gets minimal credit for? Or will Alvarez do enough to make Floyd work for his money?

If styles make fights, than Mayweather Jr. should have absolutely no trouble handling Canelo after the first few rounds. Of all the things that Alvarez is lacking, stamina seems to be his biggest problem area.

At the same time, will Alvarez be able to catch Floyd on the ropes or in the corner and somehow penetrate his Philly style defense?

Either way, this fight started out as an interesting proposal, and is now one of the most exciting match-ups that Mayweather Jr. could have been in.



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