What’s More Exciting: Mayweather-Ortiz or Pacquaio-Marquez
August 26, 2011 Boxing News

What’s more exciting, Floyd Mayweather vs Victor Ortiz or Manny Pacquaio vs Juan Manuel Marquez? In this EsNewsReporting video we asked trainers at the Outlaws Boxing Gym in Tarzana, California.  

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  1. Mayweather Ortiz is a bigger “event” plus the stacked undercards, but Pacquiao Marquez III will definitely be a more exciting fight due to their styles. If Mayweather plays defense and fights to win on points, then Mayweather Ortiz won’t be exciting at all. It’ll only be exciting if Mayweather slugs it out with Victor, then I’d argue that would be more exciting than Pacquiao Marquez, but it’s not highly likely we’re going to see Floyd stand toe to toe.

    Pacquiao Marquez I and II were thrilling and no doubt III will be just as thrilling. It’s a proven match-up already.

    Pacquiao vs Ortiz would probably be the best fight out there if Ortiz can get by Mayweather.

  2. Funnily enough I’m looking forward to the Mayweather vs Ortiz first more. Entirely possible that Manny vs Marquez will end up being the better fight but the many unknowns of the former somehow make me more excited to see it…

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