What’s Next For Miguel Cotto and Austin Trout? Mayweather Has a Choice: Guerrero or Trout!

Yes ladies and gentleman, Miguel Cotto lost his bout to Austin Trout. What does this mean? It means a few things:


1)      Miguel Cotto will now take some time off, and realize that he probably lost to a very underrated fighter (as I thought Trout was as well, not anymore), and start looking for his next challenge. It is possible that Cotto will get a re-match against Trout, but that will only happen if Trout get a hefty paycheck and the possibility will increase greatly if Trout loses his next fight. Cotto is still a top notch fighter, and poses a real threat to absolutely any fighter stepping inside the ring against him. There were talks about Cotto’s possible deterioration, but I don’t buy it. Sure time takes its toll, but Cotto, even in losing to Trout, did not look like he didn’t belong there. I would be in favor of him continuing his career.


2)      Trout is now a man with a tremendous number of choices. He can ask to fight Alvarez (which he already did at the post-fight press conference), Pacquiao, Mayweather Jr., Guerrero, and a few others. What a better way to solidify your boxing status than by beating Miguel Cotto? Well there isn’t any. I think that Trout has shown that he is a very promising champion, and deserves a shot at the current champs.


3)      Mayweather Jr. is likely in “choice” heaven right now, as he can either face Guerrero, or hook Trout for his upcoming fight. Say what you say, but either of those two is nothing more than a tune up fight for Mayweather Jr., and I say this only because I truly believe it to be so. Instead of getting in the ring against Canelo, Pacquiao, or Martinez next, Floyd can comfortably pick up yet another mind-blowing check to cash by fighting either Robert or Austin. Of course for Austin this is an amazing once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I am sure he will do all he can to pursue it. We know that Trout wanted Canelo, but if Floyd offers him a contract, I highly doubt Team Trout will let it go.

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