Where Is The Timothy Bradley That Beat Pacquiao (Even If For A Little While)

So where is Timothy Bradley?

By asking this, I am not implying that I am not aware when his next fight is, as most of us know he will be stepping back into the ring this coming December. What I am asking, is: where is the Timothy Bradley that has fought and for a while was the winner in his fight against Manny Pacquiao? What did that win do for Bradley? Why is he not the center of attention anymore?

Of all the boxers that have ever fought Pacquiao, Bradley got the worst of it. Not only that, but he seems to have minimally benefited despite the fact that he did pretty well against Manny.

I guess I am having trouble understanding why this phenomenon is happening? Why is Bradley not getting all the attention one would expect him to get? Tim is around, doing interviews, talking to the fans and the media, yet there is little enthusiasm from the boxing public.

At first, Bradley was aiming at securing either another fight with Pacquiao, or possibly a bout against Mayweather Jr. That was before. Now there is hardly any talk of Bradley potentially fighting a fight with either. People are suggesting he fight Robert Guerrero, Chavez Jr., and even Martinez. Does that mean that Bradley has to take a huge step backwards?

If Bradley was to secure a fight against Sergio Martinez, than maybe he would bring back the enthusiasm from the fans, otherwise, Bradley is in a fairly nasty position. Any of Bradley’s fights will most certainly be watched, but as we all know, fights are not only made by putting together two good and well-selected fighters, but also with hype.

As a matter of fact, I would attribute 75% of the enthusiasm and the quality of the fight to hype. Sure there are disappointments here and there, but there needs to be a reason to tune in, and that reason has to be more than just the fight itself, it has to be individualized. Boxing fans cheer for a fighter, not the fight. And this is where I feel Bradley failed.

Well not Bradley himself, but something was, and is out of sync. For some odd reason I don’t care to see him fight Pacquiao again, but would much rather have Pacman and Cotto give it another whirl. But why is that? Was Cotto vs. Pacquiao that much more exciting? I re-watched the fights, and the answer is a very shaky maybe. But one thing I know for sure, there was a tremendous amount of hype surrounding the Cotto fight, while it was minuscule in the Bradley fight compared to the Cotto one.

Will Bradley ever get to fight another high caliber bout? I don’t know, but he is a good man and a true hearted fighter, so I do hope that he does.