EsNewsReporting 1st Giveaway!

EsNewReporting wants to know who you think is the best P4P KING?  We’ve included the official list of the 17 divisions as defined by the four major sanctioning bodies. Out of all of these divisions, who is the one fighter you think is the best? We’re looking for one name, the best P4p King.  Submit your answer below and you will be entered to win an autographed poster of a boxer and his trainer.


1)You must submit your answer on this website, not Facebook, Twitter or Youtube. Makes it easier.
2) All names will be put into a drawing. Yes, all names.
3) We will pick the winner on Monday, March 21st. Thursday, March 24th.
Check under the “Fan Corner” Catergory.
4) Good luck!

Weight Class   kg Pounds
Mini Flyweight (IBF/WBO)
Strawweight (WBC)
Minimumweight (WBA)
  47,627 kg 105 lbs
Junior Flyweight (WBO/IBF)
Light Flyweight (WBA/WBC)
  48,988 kg 108 lbs
Flyweight   50,802 kg 112 lbs
Super Flyweight (WBA/WBC)
Junior Bantamweight (WBO/IBF)
  52,163 kg 115 lbs
Bantamweight   53,525 kg 118 lbs
Super Bantamweight (WBA/WBC)
Junior Featherweight (WBO/IBF)
  55,225 kg 122 lbs
Featherweight   57,153 kg 126 lbs
Super Featherweight (WBA/WBC)
Junior Lightweight (WBO/IBF)
  58,967 kg 130 lbs
Lightweight   61,235 kg 135 lbs
Super Lightweight (WBA/WBC)
Junior Welterweight (WBO/IBF)
  63,503 kg 140 lbs
Welterweight   66,678 kg 147 lbs
Super Welterweight (WBA/WBC)
Junior Middleweight (WBO/IBF)
  69,85 kg 154 lbs
Middleweight   72,574 kg 160 lbs
Super Middleweight   76,203 kg 168 lbs
Light Heavyweight   79,378 kg 175 lbs
Cruiserweight (WBA/WBC/IBF)
Junior Heavyweight (WBO)
  90,892 kg 200 lbs
Heavyweight   > 90,892 kg > 200 lbs