Who Is More Popular – Mayweather of Pacquiao
December 15, 2011 Boxing News

Who is more popular Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao. In this EsNewsReporting video we talk to boxing trainer Jorge Diaz of the Goossen gym in Van Nuys about that.

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  1. He’s alright I guess, just watched this video and he’s ok. But the shit about Manny not being seasoned is crazy.

  2. You gotta stop talking to this idiot Ellie. This is he same guy that said in the argument video you had posted “Who has Manny fought!!!??????

    Morales 3 times, Barrera 2 times, Marquez 3 times then all the recent good ones. HE said PACQUIAO WAS’NT A SEASONED FIGHTER COME ON!!!!!!!

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