Who should be David Tua’s next opponent?

I assume that most of you have already heard that David Tua is cutting his retirement short, and is planning to return back to the ring yet again. Of course after such a long break, I doubt Tua will be lucky enough to get a great fight signed, and will likely end up fighting someone who doesn’t bring anything to the table.

At the same time, Tua used to have an entire army of followers, and just based on that fact, he might score a better fight then some of us think. So who would be a good opponent for Tua in his comeback fight? There are a few names that I can think of, such as: Tomasz Adamkek, Sherman Williams, Travis Walker, Odlanier Solis, and maybe even Chris Arreolla.

While some may think that he would be undeserving in fighting a decently ranked fighter, I think that we can all agree that Tua will not only take the fight seriously, but will fight like he always does: with no excuses and show his warrior heart. I am excited to have Tua come back and give boxing another final go.