Who Should Mayweather Jr. Fight In February (Or Whenever He Fights)?

Now that the rumors have spun into a nice wide web, let’s take a look at the possible opponents for Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s February (recently believed) ring return.

1)      Robert Guerrero:

Within the past week, I have heard and read that Floyd Mayweather Jr. was actually considering Robert for his next challenger. Would this be a good fight? I cannot say that it wouldn’t simply based on Guerrero’s performance against Andre Berto, but at the same time, can Berto and Mayweather Jr. be compared in any way? The answer is clearly a no. I don’t think that I would give Guerrero much of a chance to win, no matter how the fight is fought. No matter what you do, there is no cheat code or a walk-through on how to handle Floyd in the ring. Having said all that, Guerrero is indeed in the running, and could potentially be his next foe.

2)      Saul Alvarez:

As recently discussed, Floyd wants to fight in February, while Canelo has his heart set for May 4th. Wait a second, am I the only one who thinks that this is absurd? If Floyd Mayweather Jr. offers you the opportunity to have a go at him, you take it. There would be plenty of time to prepare for the fight, and this is, by far, the biggest fight out there for any fighter in the division. Canelo, thus far has been confirmed to be a great good fighter, but he is far from a proven champion. This would be his opportunity to make a historical statement, and if not taken, my respect for Team Canelo goes down the drain.

3)      Timothy Bradley:

Truth be told, I feel bad for Bradley. What did he do that is so wrong? The guy fought Pacquiao, and whatever happened, happened, still he came to fight and that is exactly what he did. Nevertheless, his attitude outside the ring did all the damage in the world. Should he be thought of as a possible opponent for Floyd? I think absolutely yes. It would no doubt be an easy fight for Floyd, but once again, if Guerrero and Alvarez deserve the fight, so does Bradley. Did he beat Pacquiao? The answer is whatever you want it to be, but the fact that the judges scored the fight for Bradley on the night of the event is a pretty big deal. It doesn’t matter that they were wrong in the end, the fact is that Pacquiao was not the same self, and even I was able to notice that from the very first bell.

4)      Austin Trout:

Of all the above listed fighters, I believe that Trout not only makes the most sense for Mayweather Jr., but would also be am ore interesting challenger of them all. He is young and full of confidence; a killer combination. Beating Cotto is a bigger deal than most believe it to be, and he deserves not only all the credit for taking care of business, but also a spot in line for Mayweather Jr.

I don’t see any good options aside from the above mentioned names. Martinez is already committed, and Pacquiao is simply not happening anytime soon. I would not be surprised if Floyd picks someone completely different, a fighter none of us would have thought would be in the running.

Do you have any others names that should be added to the list? Of the names mentioned above, who would you have Floyd fight?


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