Who Will Be The Next PPV SuperStar?

de la hoyaIn truth there have only ever been 5 board certified PPV superstars* since the format became the standard mechanism elite boxing has utilized to take itself to marketplace. They are:

Mike Tyson
Evander Holyfield
Oscar De La Hoya
Floyd Mayweather
Manny Pacquiao

Mike Tyson’s reign as a PPV superstar lasted until as late as June 8, 2002 – by which time Oscar De La Hoya was already a superstar of the format having sold 1,400,000 PPV buys on Sep 18, 1999 against Felix Trinidad. Both Floyd Mayweather & perhaps to a lesser degree Manny Pacquiao transcended to PPV kings through victories over De La Hoya. Evander Holyfield became a financial superstar of the sport against a backdrop of at first being unable to fight Mike Tyson & then fighting & beating him (twice). Thus everyone on this financial elite list of 5 has fought at least one & in most cases two other men on this list. It seems unlikely any of the shortlisted names below will get a crack at either Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao before they retire – noting that Saul Alvarez did get a shot & failed spectacularly unsuccessfully vs. Floyd Mayweather (hurting not helping any future claims to the mantle of PPV king).

The names on the horizon lack a direct lineage to inherit the baton & thus none can be viewed as a probable future PPV superstar. Additionally each lack a certain element requisite in all 5 previous holders of this title.

The shortlist (age)/Chances

Saul Alvarez (24)/35%

Adrien Broner (25)/25%

Danny Garcia (27)/20%

Keith Thurman (26)/18%

Anthony Joshua (25)/18%

Terence Crawford (27)/16%

Jermell Charlo (24)/11%

 *For the purposes of this discussion a PPV superstar is taken to mean a fighter who regularly performed as the A-side on bouts that did 1,000,000 or more PPV buys.