Who Wins : Mayweather or Ortiz

Boxing trainer Dominic Matich wrote this piece for EsNewsReporting.

September 17this on the horizon and I can’t help but find myself in the same place I was the week before Manny Pacquiao vs. Antonio Margarito, thinking the under dog might have a better chance then I originally thought.  I sat back and found myself asking the ultimate question “Who has the better chance at upsetting the mega star, Margarito or Ortiz?”  Clearly it easy to say now it must be Ortiz after seeing the destruction and demolition that occurred on Margarito’s face, and the thrilling comeback career of Ortiz, but I started to remember what people said when Margarito first signed the contract.

Floyd Mayweather vs Victro Ortiz who will win?

Floyd Mayweather vs Victro Ortiz who will win?

Manny Pacquiao had wanted to fight Margarito for a few years before the fight and I began to remember the size difference.  When the fight was first announced I immediately decided to take size out of the equation and focus on skill and if you did that there was no other conclusion in your mind that Pacquiao would overcome this tall mountain.

Margarito had power, height, and weight to his advantage, or so they said. Margarito was rallying to make a comeback and a statement.  Rumors were running wild that were also fueled by 24/7 that told of a distracted Manny Pacquiao, a theme that often occurs and should never be taken seriously. Meanwhile Margarito was training as hard as he ever had for a fight and Margarito was going to attack the body of Manny Pacquiao and it was intriguing to see if his punches could be effective without plaster, and if Pacquiao could handle it.   In the end Margarito came in weighing 17 pounds heavier then Pacquiao which made people second guess themselves.


Victor Ortiz always stood out to me because of his very text book style and effective use of a jab, almost like a young Cotto.  After he quit and returned to boxing and redeemed himself fully, we’ve seen that hunger manifest in him.  The win against Andre Berto showed a more mature and battle hardened fighter.


Reality sets in and we see images coming from youtube of a Mayweather training more defensive and offensive then most times, a Mayweather hell bent on beating Victor Ortiz.   Paying strict attention to catching right and left hooks to the body, keeping out of corners with perpetual motion, and of course never getting tired!   The fact is when I when I first heard the announcement for Mayweather Ortiz I thought the same thing I did about Pacquiao vs.  Margarito, the two mega stars in the fights are just too disciplined and too good and as much as I’d like Ortiz to win, it’s about an 18% chance, and you need 100 to beat Mayweather.  But the ultimate question is which under dog stood a better chance?