Who Wins: Victor Ortiz or Brandon Rios
August 21, 2011 Boxing News

[three_fourth_last][tooltip text=”Tooltip Text”]Danny Garcia the trainer of Victor Ortiz says that his fighter would KO Brandon Rios in less than four rounds. Garcia also says that Rios does not know how to fight. Check out this EsNewsReporting video:

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  1. I actually think Brandon will Ko Victor. Victor become to proud and thats what will make him lose the fight with Brandon and even this one that he has with Floyd, i think Floyd will KO ortiz in 1st or 2nd round . Brandon vs ortiz will be an amazing fight to watch but i still belive Ortiz will get Ko by Brandon all the way.

  2. brandon rios may just be best at 135 like JMM is. But if he were to move up to 147, he’d probably be too slow and ineffective like JMM is. Ortiz would win simply cuz he’s much bigger and stronger right now at this point of their lives.

  3. at 135 i think brandon rios at 140 and a147 its gonna be victor ortiz.

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