Who’s Not Afraid To Fight Sergio Martinez
August 3, 2011 Boxing News

Sergio Martinez is one of the best pound for pound boxers. In this EsNewsReporting video, we talk to some boxers and trainers who say no one wants to fight him because he’s so good. Who do you think isn’t afraid to fight Martinez.

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  1. Yeah Pavlik… b-class fighter… maybe after Sergio was finished with him. Williams ditto. Coward? Give me a break.

  2. Hahahahaha!!! Hilarious!! Ofcourse there’s nobody worth mentioning in division right now and unfortunately Martinez likes it that why!! If he ever goes down to fight a little guy like Pacquiao or Mayweather he wants to pick the weight!! He knows Little Pacquiao will kill him at 150 lbs. Obviously he is scared as hell to go up and fight the likes of Bute, Ward, Froch, Abraham, Pirog and much more not unless he gets paid well and that translates retirement fee for him!! See how coward and over hyped fighter that he is?!?!

    The media are obviously helping this coward out!! Who has Martinez really beat?? Seriously?!?! Williams and Pavlik?? Capital B-class fighters? Williams has to go up in weight to fight Martinez!! And now Martinez is #2 P4P??? Why not put B-hop on number 2 spot?!?!

    Martinez is all hype and no balls!!! He will only fight above his boxed weight if he only get guaranteed retirement money!!!!HAHAHAHA!!!

    • Half the crap you just said makes no sense, Williams didnt move up to fight sergio, sergio already moved up yet you want him to go to a division hes never fought in yet I dont see you saying the same about floyd who has fought @ 154

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