Why Some Fighters Hate Manny Pacquiao
August 19, 2011 Boxing News

Manny Pacquiao is a superstar boxer who has millions of fans from all over the world. However, not everyone is a Pacman fan , as we found out while visiting the  Outlaws Boxing Club in Tarzana, California.

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  1. @Greg Patterson: You are 100% correct. That’s also what I have been saying to a lot of “floydiots” who just won’t listen, even if you present the facts, they still don’t listen.

    Floyd’s camp (meaning his followers) are accustomed to coining terms like “take the test” or “floyd’s leftovers” to popularize the notion Pacquiao is somehow a cheat or unproven.

    Pacquiao fought legends such as Barrerra (twice), Morales (3 times), and JMM (twice) all of whom were in their prime (28-32 years old). Let’s not forget, Pacquiao fought them and decisively dominated in his wins at a time we could consider him as “inexperienced” at that level. Also, as Greg said, Pacquiao has defeated Floyd’s “leftovers” more convincingly with 2nd round KO of Hatton (whereas Floyd nearly got knocked down himself against Hatton), and destroyed Mosley including a KD (whereas Floyd nearly got KD’d twice in the 2nd round).
    I’ll definitely admit Floyd’s beating of JMM was brilliant and much more impressive in how little abuse he took to beat JMM. In defense, JMM was also 17 pounds overweight (had to jump 2 weight divisions to fight floyd) and looked very slow and tired at that weight level.

    It is impressive to see how floyd can avoid taking abuse while winning his fights somewhat easily on points, but what’s more impressive is seeing Pacquiao consistently fight bigger and stronger guys as he moved up in class, and yet, completely destroy and annihilate those former champs, not by points, but simply by power punching and combinations. Victor Ortiz is really the first guy who is bigger than Floyd and maybe stronger, but customarily, Floyd has always fought against smaller fighters than himself.

    Hey, it’s not about being undefeated. There are several of undefeated fighters in boxing right now, so it’s not that hard to build your record up. It’s about facing adversity and fighting like a champion to win it all. Canelo Alvarez is 37-0 with 27 KOs….so what if Floyd is 41-0 with 25 KOs. The question is, who has he fought?

  2. Floyd Mayweather’s leftovers?? People need to remember that Manny got his name years before by knocking out Barrera and Morrales, and beating a prime Marquez! He’s not new to this game! And at least he did a lot better against Floyd’s “leftovers” than floyd did. Dominant KO against Oscar vs a split Dec, 2 rd KO against Hatton vs 9 or 10 rd KO by Floyd, and both dominated Shane, but Manny almost KO’s him, whereas Shane almost KO’d Floyd. Quit listening to Goose in there and instead listen to Dion or Fly! You seem like a nice dude, but remember, Pacquiao made his name in boxing probably years before you even started watching the sport.

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