Will Andre Berto Be Fighting For A Title In 2013?

According to various rumors, Richard Schaefer had recently hinted that Andre Berto will be fighting for a world title in 2013.

There must be something that I am missing from the fundamental way that the boxing ranking system as well as entitlement works. After two devastating losses to Ortiz and Guerrero, with a victory over Jan Zavek in-between, what makes Berto a deserving candidate for a title fight?.

I am not trying to display Berto in a negative light, the man is certainly a professional boxer with the skills to win titles and entertain the fans, still, fair is fair, and one needs to fight their way back to the top. I guess it all depends on what title we are talking about. There so many useless and irrelevant titles out there, that it seems that anyone could be fighting for one of them, and Berto could be next. If Schaefer is thinking that Berto deserves to fight with a current dominant champion, than there are two problems there: first is the fact that Berto would be given an unfair out of line opportunity, and the second issue is that Berto would once again end up with a big L on his record.

Maybe Berto needs a new team, a new drive, or simply more tune up fights, but he is clearly not a contender at the very top level at this point in time. Boxing is a forgiving sport when papers are being signed, fights are being negotiated, and press conferences take place. Boxing is a brutal non-forgiving sport when the fighting begins, and it is often we see mismatches leading to very unnecessary physical and emotional damage.


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