Will Bradley vs. Marquez be a chess match or a Slug-fest?

Both tend to fight in a technical fashion early on in the fight, but the only difference is that Bradley abandons his reserved style as the rounds go on, throwing more sloppy punched while leaving himself less protected.

I think that the chess match will take place for the first quarter, maybe even half of the fight, and will swiftly transition to brawling for Bradley, while Marquez will keep his intelligent approach throughout the fight.

In the early rounds I expect Bradley to do much better than most think against Marquez, but if he is unable to do lasting damage to Dinamita in the very early rounds, I’m afraid Bradley will hand the fight to Marquez, and will be tagged with powerful counter shots anytime he throws anything of substance.

Bradley’s age will most certainly play a very crucial role come fight night, but his age might not be enough to challenge Marquez’s ring IQ and experience. Marquez always fights the same way, but he does it so incredibly well, that his challengers have trouble breaking through or avoiding his attacks. In their upcoming bout, I am really curious to see what game plan team Bradley will brew against Juan  Manuel Marquez, and how effective he will be in the early rounds.

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