Will Mayweather Jr. Adjust To Guerrero’s Style?

When Floyd Mayweather Jr. fights anyone, one of the main questions the boxing fans discuss is how long will it take for Floyd to adjust and figure out a working strategy against his opponent.

There have been many rivals with dozens of strategies and ideas of how to beat Mayweather Jr., but thus far nothing seemed to work. So what will be different about Guerrero? Is his style different from all those others? What in Guerrero’s style could give Mayweather Jr. trouble?

Of all the possible things that are playing against Mayweather Jr. in his upcoming fight is his age, possibly, and nothing else.

Guerrero has heart and a lot of drive, but his bang-em style might be perfect for Floyd’s counter-punching expertise. Chasing down and cornering Mayweather Jr. simply doesn’t seem to work, as his shoulder roll defensive maneuvering is superb. The best way to beat Floyd is to catch him with a counter punch somewhere in the middle of the ring, kind of the way Mosley did when he fought Floyd. But a standing target is something that Mayweather Jr. is not.

Of course catching Floyd is no easy task, and it doesn’t seem that Guerrero is quick enough to do that consistently. Instead, Robert would have to go toe to toe with Floyd, knowing that he can punch at least just as hard, and can certainly take a punch, possibly better than Mayweather Jr. can.

Looking back at Floyd, he is not a fast starter, and takes some time in learning the way his opponents fights, looking for mistakes and repetitions. So how long do you think it will take for Mayweather Jr. to figure out Robert Guerrero? Or will it be Guerrero that comes with the right game plan and hands Mayweather Jr. his first “L”?

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