Will “The Filipino Flash” Come Back And Strike Like Lightning?

Will “The Filipino Flash” come back and strike like lightning?

The only logical response is a yes.

In his fight against Rigo, I would not say that he was physically overmatched, and that Rigo was any faster than Donaire. On the contrary, I thought that despite him looking less thundering than he usually is, still Donaire was the bigger and stronger man in the ring. The problem was a very classic one, and it was a stylistic mismatch.

Rigo’s style was tailor made for Donaire, and no matter how many times they fight, Rigo will likely come out a winner on points. Of course the most effective advice anyone could give to Donaire, would be to throw more punches and stay more active. As a matter of fact a few boxing champions had said just that after the fight this past Saturday night.

But how active do you have to be in order to be effective against Rigo? I would imagine that throwing more punches would do very little, as it would allow more opportunities for Rigo to execute his counter-punching game.

Someone with a style similar to Kostya Tszyu would do well against Rigo. In other words, someone with great power and the ability to fire off a quick shot while being defensively solid. Manny Pacquiao would not do any better against someone like Rigo than Donaire did. It’s a very frustrating yet successful style.

So what is in the future of both?

Donaire will of course be back sooner than most believe. I think that he will fight again in 2013, and will cross the ropes against an opponent Team Donaire will know they can handle. I understand that asking for a rematch against Rigo must be done, but it’s far from being a good idea. Revenge is sweet, but sometimes the risk of a loss well outweighs the possibility of revenge. Donaire has other fights to pursue, and can technically avoid Rigo and still continue his career successfully.

For Rigo, things will get tough. His style poses a threat to anyone, and that threat comes with a possibility of a low view count due to his less than exciting style. Even Bob Arum stated that he would have to work extra hard to market Rigo. It’s hard to say what will happen, but if he does not produce any exciting fights, he will slowly start fading in the eyes of the boxing community, and his lackluster style will cost him his fame. Don’t assume that this would be impossible, look at Timothy Bradley and what happened to him as soon as he did and said something that the boxing fans didn’t like.

Maybe Rigo can try fighting toe to toe against his own style? If Mayweather Jr. was able to fight Miguel Cotto and look impressive, Rigo can surely attempt to do the same in his next fight against whomever he will be facing.


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