Will You / Should You Buy The Mayweather Jr. vs. Guerrero PPV?

As expected, the Mayweather Jr. vs. Robert Guerrero conversations and arguments are picking up. This is not at all unusual, and as a matter of fact, fan based breakdown is the biggest part of the fight promotion.

As I was browsing various boxing forums, there are generally two main topics being argued at this point in time: one is that Mayweather Jr. picked another easy to win and pointless fight, and another is whether people will buy this PPV. Both are interesting questions, and while one is an easy the other one is a little trickier.

Did Mayweather Jr. pick the easiest fight? Probably one of the easier ones. While I hear a lot of people saying that he ducked Canelo to fight an easier opponent in Guerrero, I would easily make an argument that Canelo has not proven anything close to what Guerrero has achieved thus far in his career. What makes Guerrero less of an opposition than Alvarez? Nothing at all, as a matter of fact ring experience is the only way to beat Floyd, and Alvarez is way too green in that department.

The delicate question is whether you will be paying for this PPV?

It seems that most people out there are set on not purchasing this PPV as they see this fight a waste of time and money. As far as this being a given-result fight, I agree. Having said that, when was the last time you said to yourself: “This looks like it’s going to be a truly competitive fight,” when Myweather Jr. was involved?

The reason Floyd picked this fight has to be because of the financial breakdown in his favor. He can pay Guerrero a lot less than Team Canelo would ask for. This is an easy fight with a great payday for Mayweather Jr., and it’s hard to argue against money when it is thrown at you with low risk attached to it.

What a lot of people don’t realize, is that when Mayweather Jr. PPVs are ordered, they are ordered for two reasons: to hopefully see Mayweather Jr. lose the fight (good luck with that one), and the other is to see how Mayweather Jr. will toy and break down his opponent this time around.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. sells, and it’s as simply as that. No matter who the opponent is, and where and when the fight takes place, Mayweahter Jr. will sell the fight and bring in record numbers. Will I buy this fight? Well I don’t think I will want to pay $50 for it, but I will certainly pay the $20 cover charge and watch it at a sports bar. I think the fight is worth the money simply because there is a tiny, barely existent chance that Guerrero will catch Floyd, and there is also the likelihood that we will see Guerrero get handed a brutal boxing lesson.

So, will you be buying the PPV?

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