Wladimir Klitschko Is On A Mission To Keep Kronk Open And Running

Just recently I had posted a piece about Kronk Gym being dismantled and shut down by Steward’s sister soon after Emanuel had passed away. The topic of my article was the fact that this was unacceptable and that the best way to keep the memory alive is to keep the gym running full blast. At the end of that article, I stated that I hoped that someone would take a step forward and do whatever it takes to prevent Kronk from ending up nothing but a memory. It seems that there is a person who intends to do just that, and we all know him too well.

“Fortunately, in Detroit there are many people and boxers who worked with Emanuel Steward. I am making the commitment to keep the very same atmosphere that was there when Emanuel was around and working at Kronk. Steward always took care of a lot of guys, protecting them from drugs, crime and anything harmful. We will decide on the course of action to take after the 10th of November, and I am sure that all other boxers agree with me,” stated Emanuel Steward’s latest crown pupil Wladimir Klitschko.

Banks, who happened to be around Steward, working with him at his gym for an endless amount of time, also had a few words to add:

“This gym is a part of my life, and it’s very hard to see what is happening to it right now. As Vladimir said, everyone who had anything to do with Kronk, are united in their view about saving it for the sake of the memory of the great Emanuel Steward.”

I think this deserved a big thank you, and I am hoping and keeping my fingers crossed that Steward’s sister will oblige and allow Wladimir to keep Kronk the way it belongs: filled with young fighters, sweat and hope.