Wladimir Klitschko on Francesco Pianeta: “Cancer is harder than any world champion.”

As always, Wladimir Klitschko is a classy champion, while his opponent is an aggressive challenger making promises upon promises.

“I am going to bust Wladimir’s ass,” promised Francesco Pianeta, Wladimir’s next challenger for May 4th bout. Very interesting choice of words for Pianeta, possibly helping the marketing in some way. In reality, Pianeta knows that he is walking into the lion’s den, and will be facing a bigger and much more experienced dominant champion.

Wladimir fired back with a respectful comment, praising Pianeta for his spirit:

“I have a huge respect for a man who has defeated cancer. Cancer is harder than any world champion,” stated Wladimir.

In 2009, Pianeta was diagnosed with testicular cancer, which was successfully surgically treated in early 2010.

It is truly impressive that he continued fighting and made a career out of boxing after fighting such a tough disease. This fact no doubt makes him a stronger man, and certainly earns him extra respect. But does it make him strong enough to bust Wladimir’s ass?


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