Wladimir Klitschko Talks About Completely Different Training Approach For Wach

On November 10, Wladimir Klitschko will be facing an entirely new opponent in Poland’s Mariusz Wach. Not only is Wach walking in with an unbeaten record of (27-0-0), but for the first time, Wladimir will have to fan an opponent who is taller (6′ 6″ vs. 6′ 7½″) and with a longer reach (81″ vs. 82″).

Especially for this fight, Wladimir will prepare for his defense in a different fashion then he usually does.

In a recent interview with GorodokBoxing, Wladimir stated the following:

“This will be a completely different preparation process, specially developed for a certain opponent. I always trained with double effort before fighting someone new, but this training camp will be different from all others, since in the ring I will have to face a type of opponent, that I have never fought before. The match against Wach will be difficult. We are not only talking about his physical attributes, but also about his boxing style. Mariusz has a very good jab and moves very well around the ring throughout the rounds. I cannot allow him to use any of that during the fight.”

To be honest, this truly is an interesting fight. When people were curious about how either brother would do against Valuev, simply due to his size, a fight against Wach is somewhat similar. Sure Wach is not as big as Valuev, nonetheless he is a taller opponent with a longer reach, thus if used properly, Wladimir will no longer, for the very first time, have those two advantages.

I am curious to see how Wladimir will handle Wach, and whether he really will end up fighting in a different fashion. What do you think? Will we see a different Wladimir Klitschko in November?