Wladimir Klitschko vs. Alexander Povetkin Ordered By WBA Before Feb 26,2013

It didn’t work on its own, so now WBA had to step in and stir the pot.

Apparently, WBA has ordered that a match between Russia’s Alexander Povetkin and Ukraine’s Wladimir Klitschko be negotiated and signed for sometime before February 26, 2013.

Povetkin (25-0-0) has a handful of notable names on his resume, such as Hasim Rahman, Marco Huck, Ruslan Chagaev, and Chris Byrd. For a long time now team Povetkin has been calling out Wladimir, but for various reasons the fight had never materialized.

Now that the commission has stepped in and forced the bout, Povetkin gets what he wanted, and Klitschko can finally fight someone who he did not hand-pick. Somehow I am pretty sure that the fight will take place in Germany, and we will be able to tune in via Epix HD (Free Trial).

There have been a good number of boxing fans that have speculated that Povetkin is someone who poses a very serious threat to Wladimir, yet without disrespect to Team Povetkin, I simply don’t see it. Alexander is a good fighter when someone wants to fight, brawl, and try to work on the inside. Unfortunately for him, he is a slow moving flat footed boxer. With that in mind, Wladimir will have no problem using his jab throughout the entire fight to keep the action at his optimal pace.

I will definitely tune in, hoping that their match-up brings about a good action-filled fight!

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