Would The “New” Marquez Do Better Against Mayweather Jr. ?

Based on the Juan Manuel Marquez that you saw fight Pacquiao for the fourth time, do you think that another fight against Mayweather Jr. would end in a different fashion?

Marquez looked extremely sharp and much stronger in the ring that night, and it’s possible that his punching power was much improved. Was Marquez fast and strong enough for Mayweather Jr.?

There is an entire army of boxing fans out there, convinced that the new Marquez would be able to handle and beat Mayweather Jr. had they fought again. I am not all that certain that the result would differ. While Mayweather Jr. wins due to a spectrum of things, including his amazing defensive ability and his blazing speed, still primarily he does so well due to his ring IQ.

Marquez, in my opinion, has one of the highest ring IQs in all of boxing, and his ring experience is second to none. Still he would be lost against Mayweather Jr. because Floyd tends to evolve with the fight, meaning that once his opponent decides on a strategy, it’s instantly learned and taken advantage of by Floyd.

Correct me if I am wrong, but there was an interview with Marquez a while back, where he stated that he would not want a re-match against Mayweather Jr. I don’t remember who interviewed him at that time, but I remember reading it. If my memory doesn’t fail me, it seems as though Marquez is not only inside the ring, but makes the right decisions outside of it. But that was then, what about now?

Do you think Marquez would want another fight against Mayweather Jr. instead of Pacquiao if the opportunity presented itself? If so, would it be a smart move?

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