Yuriorkis Gamboa On PEDs, May Be Forced To Retire

If not all, certainly most of you have already heard that Yuriorkis Gamboa along with many other professional athletes have been supplied with PEDs by a Miami Clinic.

According to an article titled: “A Miami Clinic Supplies Drugs To Sports’ Biggest Names,” there was an actual handwritten list discovered, which included some of the names of the clients of the clinic. 

The records are clear in describing the firm’s real business: selling performance-enhancing drugs, from human growth hormone (HGH) to testosterone to anabolic steroids. Interviews with six customers and two former employees corroborate the tale told by the patient files, the payment records, and the handwritten notebooks kept by the clinic’s chief, 49-year-old Anthony Bosch.”

Is anyone really surprised? Haven’t we slowly but surely been moving in the direction of exposure of the truth? Like a snowball, more and more athletes are being found out for their use of illegal performance enhancing drugs, and our expectation and belief that some athletes keep their pride and stay clean is slowly fading.

The reality seems to be that the substances are not hard to get, easier than before to mask, and are guaranteed to be effective in a very short span of time. To be honest, I can see how it would be hard to say no when you are being paid millions for you performance and results. Maybe as more people get exposed, the fear and probability of being caught will derail others from going in that direction, forcing people to stay clean and earn their success the hard way.

So what now for Gamboa? First of all he better start looking for good lawyers to try and prove that he did not take the drugs, and that his name is on the list for the wrong reasons. Of course proving something like that will be next to impossible, especially when it’s likely to be true.

More importantly, he needs to have a good statement ready, expressing his mistakes and trying to regain some of the fan base. He should be ready to take some serious heat from the media, and possibly either take a long break form boxing (probably will be forced to), or even call it quits.

I like Gamboa, but this had to happen as yet another example and a warning to anyone else who may be cheating their way to the top.


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